Improve Your Marksmanship Using Our Baltimore Smokeless Range

As a gun enthusiast, a hunter or someone who is required to carry a weapon as part of employment, accuracy when shooting is critical to safety and success. One of the best tools to improve your marksmanship is using our Baltimore smokeless range. A smokeless range gives you high-quality firearms training without needing to use an actual firearm. 

What Is a Smokeless Range?

Smokeless ranges are innovative range simulators that are carefully crafted to be realistic, accurate, challenging and fun to use. They are an exceptional training method for concealed carry, personal protection, police qualification and use of force training. It can also be used by hobby shooters and hunters merely looking to improve their marksmanship. There are different drills that you can complete with our smokeless range setup, or you can just engage in traditional target practice. 

The Benefits of Using a Smokeless Range

  • There is no need to bring your own pistol or firearm if you do not have one, but you can also bring along your firearm and use a special laser cartridge that connects with the system.
  • There are many different drills available that allow you to work on specific aspects of your shooting, like reaction time, or your marksmanship and accuracy. This makes the smokeless range a valuable tool for any type of firearms owner who needs to improve their skillset. 
  • Multiple in-depth studies have been conducted on the value of smokeless ranges and similar products for training. One of the biggest advantages of using a smokeless range is that you can get immediate feedback on shot placement, unlike regular fire. You also don’t need to utilize ammunition to use it, which saves additional costs. 
  • A smokeless range, thanks to the instant feedback, can also help trainees learn how to shoot with more accuracy in a shorter period of time. Even if you are not training for work, every gun owner and user wants to improve their skills as rapidly as possible. Smokeless ranges make rapid improvement possible without a significant investment in live ammunition and with more detail than traditional training. 

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