Combo Classes: 1)Handcuffing 2)Baton 3)OC

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  • Combo Classes:
  • 1)Handcuffing
  • 2)Baton
  • 3)OC
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Combo Classes: Handcuffing ,Baton and PATH

Handcuffing , Baton and PATH: Looking to get your Basic Handcuff Training? Taking the next step in becoming someone who has to use handcuffs as a form of restraint as part of their operational role can be overwhelming, especially when getting the right training. This Basic Handcuff Training Course is suitable for individuals who are expected to use handcuffs as a form of restraint as part of their operational role. This 1-day course should be considered as a Basic Introduction to Handcuffing. It covers both practical handcuffing processes and procedures, as well as the legal implications that must be considered when using handcuffs to restrain an individual. Many security professionals choose handcuff training to enhance their skills and employability. It gives your CV that extra edge, and reassures people you work with that you can confidently prevent dangerous individuals from harming others or damaging property. The course will also help you learn situation management and best judgement, which means you’ll know to only apply handcuffs when it’s necessary. That’s important, because misuse of handcuffs can open you or your employer up to legal challenges, if someone believes the use of handcuffs was excessive. For example, handcuffing someone who is arguing with you is wrong, whereas handcuffing an individual who is trashing a store or attacking the public means you are acting in the interest of safety and security, in an effort to prevent harm. Home Weapons training