Outlining Your Firearms Training Journey to Everyday Concealed Carrying

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You may believe it’s not possible to receive a concealed carrying permit in the state of Maryland, but that’s not actually the case. Both open and concealed carry are legal in Maryland if you are able to procure a Maryland Wear/Carry Handgun Permit (WCHP). Read more to find out if you qualify.  

Determine Your Eligibility

In Maryland, you must be 21 years or older to practice everyday concealed carrying. There is one exception to this rule: if you require a weapon for employment, the age restriction drops to 18 years old. Additionally, you have to provide a substantial reason for carrying a firearm. There are six qualifying reasons:

  • Owning (or employed by) a business. Perhaps you work behind a cash register selling expensive valuables, and you are at a heightened risk for robbery.
  • Former police officers. You may think that once as someone leaves the force they will no longer be eligible for concealed carrying, but that is not true. As long as a former police officer left in good standing, they are still able to assist the community and may be eligible to carry a firearm.
  • Personal protection. Maybe you are dealing with a domestic violence situation, and you require a weapon for self-defense in case that individual tries to harm you.

Job-related concealed carrying:

In each of these scenarios, your occupation satisfies your eligibility you to practice concealed carrying.

  • Professional activities.
  • Correctional officers.
  • Private detective, security guard, special police and railroad police.

Sign Up for Training

This is especially important: you must complete a 16-hour training course before submitting a permit application. The course must be taught by a MSP (Maryland State Police) Qualified or Certified Handgun Instructor, and 70% accuracy is required to pass. If you plan to renew your permit later, you will have to complete another 8-hour course.

At Security Training Academy, we offer an excellent Maryland Handgun Wear & Carry Permit Certificate course to get you started on your firearms training journey. We also offer multi-state certifications; check out all of our courses to learn more.


Once as you complete your training course, you are ready to apply. Don’t delay too long, because your completed firearms training will only ensure your eligibility for two years. To access the application, click here. The cost is $75, not including fingerprinting fees.

With your application, you must also submit: proof of training, LIVESCAN fingerprints, and passport photos. A background check will be completed and an interview with a MSP representative will follow shortly after. From that point, the Licensing Division will make their decision.

If you are denied for whatever reason and you believe this was an incorrect decision, you have the option to appeal within 10 days of the refusal. You can choose to either appeal to the Maryland Handgun Permit Revie Board (HPRB) or the MSP.

Get Started with Security Training Academy

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