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Special Police Officer (SPO) Training for New SPO Candidates

And Continuing Education For Those Officers Already In Service Under A Commission. 

Security Training Classes now offers Special Police Officer (SPO) certification classes compliant with the new Maryland state law that took effect in October 2020. We offer an 80-hour course that meets all Maryland State Police requirements for new SPO applicants or current SPOs seeking recertification.

Under the new law, persons seeking a new license or have not been certified within the past five years must take an 80-hour, in-person course with content approved by the state. 

SPO commissions are valid for three years from the date they are issued. During that time, the owner must complete a minimum of 12 hours of in-service training approved by the state.

Security Training Classes offers one course for new applicants to receive certification and three courses for current SPO holders to receive re-certification.

Our courses cover 61 objectives, including:

  • The elements of a lawful arrest
  • Preventative patrol methods
  • How to respond to a crime in progress
  • The process to obtain an arrest warrant
  • The structure of the Maryland court system

An SPO certification, which allows the owner to act as a commissioned police officer in a designated area, makes the owner more valuable on the job market. This certification allows the owner to be hired at a private facility like a hospital or bank and gives the arrest powers and the ability to use a firearm on their workplace property.

A survey on Indeed showed the certification helped 80% of respondents get a job while 83% made more money. Overall, 93% of the survey respondents recommended earning an SPO certification.

By taking the course at Security Training Classes, you can earn your certification at a facility dedicated to safety, security and training. Unlike community colleges, our classes do not require you to enroll in a school. We make registration simple and straightforward, either for your first class or for re-certifications as needed.

Special Police Officer Commissions are valid for three (3) calendar years from the date of issuance. Within the three years of the Commission an individual must complete, at a minimum,of twelve (12) hours of in-service training. The required in-service training content has to be approved by the Secretary of the Maryland State Police. (Read more)

Security Training Academy is fully accredited to teach all courses related to SPO training in the state of Maryland. 

  • Fundamental Information

Maryland House Bill 1111 has been approved by the Governor and will take effect on October 1, 2020. The changes are as follows:
1) Unless exempt, an applicant for an initial Commission shall complete a training course approved by the Secretary in consultation with the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission consisting of at least 80 hours of instruction, including criminal law, constitutional procedural requirements relating to search, seizure, and arrests and the appropriate use of force.

  • a)  In general.- Each special police officer shall protect and preserve peace and good order on the property described in the application for the commission. 

    (b)  Powers of special police officer.- A special police officer may: 

    (1) arrest individuals who trespass or commit offenses on the property described in the application for the commission; 

    (2) exercise the powers of a police officer on the property described in the application for the commission; 

    (3) exercise the powers of a police officer in a county or municipal corporation of the State in connection with the care, custody, and protection of other property of the entity that requested the appointment of the special police officer or other property, real or personal, for which the entity has assumed an obligation to maintain or protect; and 

    (4) direct and control traffic on public highways and roads in the immediate vicinity of the property described in the application for the commission in order to facilitate the orderly movement of traffic to and from the property, if the Secretary approves of this activity in advance. 

    (c)  Limitations as to vehicle laws.-  

    (1) A special police officer may make an arrest or issue a traffic citation for a violation of the Maryland Vehicle Law or any other State or local traffic law or regulation only if the special police officer: 

    (i) has a probationary or permanent appointment as a security officer or is a member of an industrial police force; and 

    (ii) has completed the basic training course for police officers as established by the Police Training Commission in accordance with Subtitle 2 of this title. 

    (2) A special police officer may exercise the power described in paragraph (1) of this subsection only on the property of the special police officer’s employer as described in the application for the commission, unless the special police officer is in active pursuit for the purpose of immediate apprehension. 

  • Special police officer Classes

Our classes can be both online and in person. You must be in person to do the hands on. Whether it handgun or handcuffing. You must be in person to be certified.

 AHA   Bls Certified , use of force, de-escalation, constitutional and criminal law, arrest, report and note taking  many more 

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