What Do You Gain by Carrying Concealed?

Let me start out by saying that if you are not concealing your weapon, you are not carrying. Concealed means concealed; if somebody can see that you have a weapon on your hip or in your hand then guess what? You’re openly carrying! I will discuss the difference between open carry and concealed carry later in this video.

Now back to why you should conceal carry: there are several reasons that come to mind, but I really only have two requirements. The first is that if I ever have to use my weapon in self-defense, then having it concealed should prevent any additional charges against me by law enforcement or the district attorney’s office if they find out about it after the fact.

The second reason you might consider carrying concealed is that you don’t want anybody to know that you are carrying. Why would someone not want people to know they are carrying? I can think of several reasons!

1.) To prevent criminals from targeting you: after all, if a criminal knows you have a gun and he doesn’t, then there is a clear advantage for him.

2.) To avoid conflict: let’s face it, if you carry openly then you will probably get into arguments with people that disagree with the concept of carrying weapons at all.

3.) You might just be afraid of guns: I can’t blame someone for not wanting to learn about them or carry one. But if you are afraid, please bear in mind that guns are everywhere, whether you can see them or not.

4.) You might just be afraid of having the knowledge and ability to use a gun in self-defense: I know many people that don’t even want to learn how to load their weapon, let alone hold it and pull the trigger. If this is you, I can’t help you.

So why would someone want to carry concealed? The list is pretty much the same, but it could be for some of the following reasons:

1.) You might live in a state that does not issue concealed handgun licenses or they are very difficult to obtain. Just because your state doesn’t allow you to conceal carry doesn’t mean that somebody with a gun can’t be nearby to help you.

2.) You might live in an area where it is legal to open carry, but you don’t want anybody to know that you are carrying because of the reasons listed above.

3.) Your state or county might issue concealed handgun licenses, but they are very difficult to obtain.

4.) You just enjoy the fact that you are carrying, and nobody knows it.

Regardless of your reason for carrying concealed, I will get back to one common denominator: If you are going to carry a gun concealed, then at least take the necessary steps to make sure you don’t get charged with any crimes if somebody ever finds out that you are carrying.

After reading this, if somebody asks you why you carry concealed then the best answer is: “Because I can and it’s my right.” If somebody else (a law enforcement officer) asks you why you are carrying concealed, please make sure to inform them of your state or county’s laws. You might think that the police officer is going to arrest you or violate your rights, but in most cases, they either don’t know the laws and/or they might actually appreciate that you informed them.

Now let’s get back to why many people decide to carry concealed: It is my right and I enjoy it! Well congratulations if this is your reason then you are carrying for all the right reasons! Additionally, if you are open carrying then please continue to do so because your actions can help give rise to concealed carry laws across this great country.

When it comes to carrying a firearm, the choices are endless. In this article weโ€™ve discussed some of the best options for EDC guns and how you can make concealed carry work for you if that is your goal. If you have any questions about what gun might be right for you or which type of gear would help support your need to conceal carry call Security Training Academy now at (443) 702-7891. Our team will happily talk with you until they find an option that works well for all your needs!

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