Why It’s Important to Renew Your CPR Credentials


Whether you’re a first responder who needs mastery of CPR to meet employment qualifications or an occasional babysitter who has never needed to perform CPR once, CPR is a critical skill to know. There is no way to tell if you will ever need to perform CPR, but it is far better to be prepared if the time comes than be left frantically calling someone else for help. Why should you renew your Baltimore CPR Certification credentials? 

CPR Credential Renewal 101 

Depending on why you need a certification, how frequently you need to renew your credentials might differ. If you do not take the time to refresh your memory and potentially learn new best practices, you might not be ready in an emergency. If you work in healthcare, CPR credential renewal should be done every 2 years. If you are an EMT or lifeguard, you should renew yours annually to be safe and go beyond the minimum. Nobody should wait more than 3 years to renew.

Why You Need to Renew Your CPR Credentials 

  1. Work: If you work in the medical field or childcare field, up-to-date CPR credentials are likely a necessity for your line of work. Always ensure that you keep things up to date and meet your employer requirements. In general, if you do not use the CPR skills that you learned within 6 months of learning them, they will start to deteriorate.
  2. Changes to Best Practices: While CPR might seem like a standardized practice, there are regular updates to the technique. As research continues, CPR practices may be modified to be as effective as possible. 
  3. Practice Makes Perfect: Particularly if you are not an EMT or healthcare worker who is exposed to CPR on a semi-regular basis, you don’t get much practice perfecting CPR techniques. Training and credentialing classes allow you to refresh your memory and get much-needed practice in the perfect way to perform CPR. 
  4. You Could Save a Life: Finally, every person must know vital life-saving techniques like the Heimlich maneuver and CPR to be ready in the event that they have the chance to save a life. A whopping 100,000 lives are saved every year thanks to CPR. However, tragically, almost 60% of sudden cardiac arrest patients are never able to receive CPR that could save their lives. When you learn CPR, you learn how to save a life. 

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