Free Training for School Teachers “Countering the Mass Shooter Threat”

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Common misconceptions about firearm certifications and the truths behind them

Common misconceptions about firearm certifications and the truths behind them

Firearms are an integral part of the American way of life. According to a report by the Small Arms Survey, there are an estimated 393 million civilian-owned firearms in the United States, making it the country with the highest number of guns per capita in the world. With such a high number of firearms in […]

Firearms Safety Training in Pasadena, Maryland – Unleash Your Inner Marksman with HQL Mastering

Unleash Your Inner Marksman: Master Firearms Safety with Our HQL Training in Pasadena, Maryland

Embrace the Excitement and Responsibility of Firearms Ownership with Our Premier HQL Safety Training Do you dream of owning a firearm? Are you keen to become a responsible, skilled, and knowledgeable gun owner? Look no further! Our Security Training Academy in Pasadena, Maryland, near Baltimore, is the ultimate destination for firearms enthusiasts like you. We […]

How to prepare for firearm certification.Β 

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How to prepare for a firearm certification exam, including study materials and practice tests.Preparing for a firearm certification exam can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the world of guns. However, with suitable study materials and practice tests, you can increase your chances of passing the exam and earning your certification. In this blog […]

The importance of firearm certifications for gun owners and enthusiasts


No one should take the use of firearms lightly. It is a serious responsibility. Gun owners and enthusiasts need to be knowledgeable about the proper handling and use of weapons to ensure safety for themselves and others. One way to demonstrate this knowledge is by obtaining firearm certifications. This blog post will discuss the importance […]

How to Stay Safe as a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a real estate agent who is looking for ways to enhance your safety. You may be feeling scared and vulnerable after recent events in the world. While it’s impossible to guarantee your safety 100%, there are things you can do to make yourself less of a target and more […]

Is Your Church Secure? Response Training for Community Leaders!

Church security is often thought of as a reactive measure, to be taken after an incident has occurred. However, proactive planning and training can help to prevent violence before it happens. The Church Security Planning and Intruder Awareness training equips church staff and key volunteers with the skills they need to create a personalized security […]

Maryland State Police Wear and Carry Permits

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Get the 16 hours of training and apply, you can now get a Wear and Carry Permit in Maryland without jumping through hoops. Governor Hogan Instructs Maryland State Police In response to a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the Maryland State Police have suspended the “Good and Substantial Reason” standard for Wear and Carry permits. […]

5 tips to protect your business from mass shooter threats

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It’s no secret that the world we live in today is full of threats. Mass shootings have become all too common, and they often target businesses and schools. This has created a climate of fear and anxiety, especially for those who work in or attend these types of buildings. However, it’s important to remember that […]

What Makes a Successful Bodyguard?

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What Makes a Successful Bodyguard? When you think of a bodyguard, what image comes to mind? A bulky man in a suit with an intimidating scowl, perhaps? Or a stone-faced woman wielding a gun? Certainly, these are important elements of the job. But there’s much more to being a successful bodyguard than meets the eye. […]