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DroneBase is an expert in drone operations. We’ve conducted thousands of flights across the country for Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Insurance, Construction, and more. – Drone Services Pasedana MD

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DroneBase is an expert in drone operations. We’ve conducted thousands of flights across the country for Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Insurance, Construction, and more. We’re licensed to fly for commercial use nationwide and insured at every job site. We use Th DJU Mavic 2 Enterprise drones dual and zoom cameras
How much does drone photography cost? The national average cost for aerial photography is $250–$350. Length of the photography shoot, resolution, and services performed all affect the total cost of aerial photography and videography. A shoot longer than 90 minutes may add $50 – $70 per additional hour.

commercial drone pilots that offer drone mapping service charge an hourly rate of $150, although a range of $100 to $200 D
150 to $300 for one to 10 aerial still photos and $300 to $1,000 for a one- to five-minute video. Aerial photography allows you to capture a truly unique moment or perspective. It can be used for real estate photography, weddings, parties, events, and much more. An aerial photography business may provide photographers to shoot at one or multiple locations. Aerial platforms include drones, blimps, helicopters, kites, fixed-wing aircraft and planes, though drone aerial photography is most common. 

Clients request photos, video clips and fully edited videos from their aerial photographer or videographer. This is definitely not something you can DIY, so if you’re planning a special event or need commercial or real estate property captured in a unique way, call a pro for help. Let’s look at the factors that affect costs for aerial photography and video, along with some information to help you plan your shoot.
To photograph a wedding, aerial photographers must get a waiver to fly the aircraft over people. The waiver can take anywhere from 14 to 90 days to process and receive, so be wary of anyone who claims they can take the job the next day. When scheduling an aerial photography shoot, confirm that the business has the appropriate liability insurance in place.

Safety is Job #1 in Home Inspection
One of the biggest obstacles inspectors face is safety. It is pretty obvious that with everything involved in climbing a ladder, maneuvering around uneven, foreign territory above the ground, and the threat of other miscellaneous factors that come with working outdoors can create a potentially dangerous work environment.
The last thing anyone wants is for someone to get hurt. By using drones, it eliminates some, if not all, of the time an inspector would traditionally spend in these dangerous conditions.
Aerial photography protects the inspector from the physical harm and home or business owners from any hindrance that could come with a potential accident. Less risk of injury for the inspector means that in addition to their protection, it is less likely an accident would occur and put the owner in an unsavory position regarding liability. Drones are also able to easily maneuver in areas that may otherwise be too risky to access or downright impossible by man.
At the end of the day, drones create a safer work environment that provides peace of mind for everyone involved, and a better service rendered during the actual home inspection.
Drone Thermal Imaging For Public Safety
More and more fire and police departments are realizing the need for drones when it comes to public safety.
For instance, first responders and law enforcement officials are turning to thermal imaging via drones to:
Help find people (search and rescue missions)
Better fight fires
Reduce poaching
Reconstruct accidents
Stop the trafficking of drugs and people
Assess damage from floods and other disasters and assist in SWAT, high-risk and hazardous materials situations.

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