Maryland Handgun Wear and Carry Permit & fingerprints

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  •  Maryland Concealed Carry Handgun Permitting Process: 
  • 16 hours of instruction. Fingerprinting included.


  • Wear and Carry Permit training is 16 hours of instruction for an original application. A Qualified Handgun Instructor offers the approved training and will include instruction on state firearm law, home firearm safety, handgun mechanisms, and operation, and a component that requires the applicant to demonstrate gun safety and proficiency with a minimum score of 70% accuracy.
  • Designated security personnel (security guards, private detectives, special police, and armored car drivers/guards) must shoot a practical police course of at least 50 rounds from no further than 25 yards and score at least 70% accuracy.
  • All other applicants must shoot a course of at least 25 rounds, from no further than 15 yards, and score at least 70% accuracy.
  • If you don’t see any schedule of classes here and you want to request a class then please call this number: (443) 702-7891
  • In order to ensure you get the best training possible, we adhere to a simple cancellation policy. If you cannot attend a scheduled paid class, please give us the courtesy of 24 hours notice. Thank you. 
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Title: Maryland HQL Permit and Fingerprints: A Comprehensive Guide

Maryland Handgun Wear and Carry Permit

Maryland Handgun Wear and Carry Permit

Maryland Handgun Wear and Carry Permit

Introduction: If you’re a resident of Maryland and are looking to exercise your Second Amendment rights by owning a handgun, you’ll need to obtain a Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL). One essential aspect of the HQL application process is fingerprinting. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the Maryland HQL permit and fingerprints, outlining the steps you need to follow to secure your license. Understanding the Maryland HQL Permit: Eligibility Requirements: Before diving into the fingerprinting process, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the Maryland HQL permit. You must be at least 21 years old, a Maryland resident, and not prohibited from owning firearms due to certain disqualifying factors such as criminal history. Complete Firearms Training: Maryland law requires applicants to complete a certified firearms safety training course. This course is a prerequisite for obtaining an HQL permit and is crucial for ensuring safe firearm handling. Submit the HQL Application: To initiate the process, you’ll need to submit the HQL application to the Maryland State Police. Ensure you provide accurate information, including your training certification. Fingerprinting for the Maryland HQL Permit: Schedule an Appointment: Once your application is accepted, you’ll receive instructions on how to schedule a fingerprinting appointment. It’s important to do this promptly, as fingerprinting is a crucial step in the background check process. Select an Approved Fingerprinting Vendor: Maryland State Police has approved specific vendors for fingerprinting services. Ensure you choose an authorized provider to avoid any delays in your application process. Fingerprinting Process: When you arrive for your appointment, the fingerprinting vendor will digitally scan your fingerprints. This information will be used for a thorough background check to determine your eligibility for the HQL permit. Pay the Fingerprinting Fee: Be prepared to pay a fee for the fingerprinting service. The cost may vary depending on the vendor you choose. Wait for the Results: After your fingerprints are submitted, you’ll need to wait for the background check to be completed. The processing time may vary, so be patient during this stage. Final Steps: Once the background check is complete, and you meet all the requirements, you’ll be issued your Maryland HQL permit, allowing you to purchase and possess a handgun in the state. Conclusion: Obtaining a Maryland HQL permit involves several steps, with fingerprinting being a crucial part of the process. It ensures that only eligible individuals are granted permission to own handguns, promoting safety and responsible firearm ownership in the state. If you meet the eligibility criteria and complete the necessary training, following the fingerprinting process should be a straightforward step on your journey to securing your Maryland HQL permit. Security Training Classes Local Vocal Marketing
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