Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80 Hour Course

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A special police officer is an individual at least 18 years old, who holds a commission granted by the Governor. Generally, a commission authorizes the officer to arrest individuals who trespass or commit offenses on the property described in the commission, exercise the powers of a police officer on the property described in the commission, and exercise the powers of a police officer in a county or municipal corporation associated with the property described in the commission, and direct and control traffic on public highways and roadways in the immediate vicinity of the property described in the commission.
This Class can be done virtually except for the two days of in person training needed.

Required Training:

As of October 1, 2020, Maryland House Bill 1111 has taken effect which requires the following training:
1) Unless exempt, an applicant for an initial Commission shall complete a training course approved by the Secretary, in consultation with the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission, consisting of at least 80 hours of instruction, including criminal law, constitutional procedural requirements relating to search, seizure, and arrests and the appropriate use of force.
Effective October 1, 2020, every applicant for a Maryland Special Police Officer commission must receive 80 hours of training based on 61 state-mandated Objectives (Maryland HB1111).
    • Chain of custody
    • Constitutional and Criminal Law
    • Elements of a lawful arrest
    • De-escalation techniques
    • AHA BLS CPR / First aid
    • Rules of arrest and criminal process
    • Active shooter, incident command
    • report writing
    • many more
  • If you don’t see any schedule of classes here and you want to request a class then please call this number: (443) 702-7891
  • In order to ensure you get the best training possible, we adhere to a simple cancellation policy. If you cannot attend a scheduled paid class, please give us the courtesy of 24 hours notice. Thank you. 
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Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course

Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course

Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course

Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course Course Description: Unlock Your Career in Law Enforcement with Maryland Special Police Basic Training Are you ready to embark on an exciting career in law enforcement in the state of Maryland? Look no further than our comprehensive Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course. This specialized training program is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required to excel as a special police officer in Maryland. Key Benefits: Maryland-Specific Expertise: Our course is tailored to the unique laws, regulations, and practices relevant to special police officers in the state of Maryland. Gain a deep understanding of Maryland’s legal framework and law enforcement protocols. Comprehensive Curriculum: Over the course of 80 hours, you’ll cover a wide range of topics, including firearm safety, criminal law, ethics, de-escalation techniques, and emergency response procedures. Our in-depth curriculum ensures you are well-prepared for the challenges of the job. Hands-On Training: Practical training is an integral part of our program. You’ll engage in real-life scenarios, firearm handling, and tactical exercises, giving you the confidence and skills needed to handle various situations effectively. Experienced Instructors: Learn from experienced law enforcement professionals who bring real-world expertise to the classroom. Benefit from their insights, guidance, and mentorship throughout the training. Career Advancement: Completing our Maryland Special Police Basic Training course opens doors to various career opportunities in law enforcement, security, and public safety in Maryland. Many graduates go on to work in roles such as special police officers, security officers, and private investigators. Certification: Successfully completing the course qualifies you for certification as a Special Police Officer in Maryland, enhancing your career prospects and demonstrating your commitment to public safety. Location: Our Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course is conveniently located in [City Name], Maryland, providing easy access for residents across the state. Who Should Attend: Individuals aspiring to become special police officers in Maryland. Current law enforcement professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. Security personnel seeking to advance their careers in the field. Requirements: To enroll in the Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course, you must meet the following criteria: Be at least 21 years old. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent. Pass a criminal background check. Be physically fit and able to complete the required physical training exercises. Course Dates: Our courses run regularly throughout the year. Check our website or contact us for the latest schedule. Don’t miss this opportunity to join the ranks of Maryland’s dedicated special police officers. Enroll in our Maryland Special Police Basic Training 80-Hour Course today and take the first step toward a fulfilling career in law enforcement. For more information or to register, contact us at [Phone Number] or email [Email Address]. Your future in law enforcement starts here! MARYLAND SPECIAL POLICE BASIC TRAINING Home Weapons training
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