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  • Curriculum Description
    Real estate agents face a high risk of violent encounters in the workplace, more so than many other professions. Which is why the USCCA has developed a highly specific Mini-Class to address this reality.


    How to identify job-related activities that put agents at risk of an attack.
    Situational Awareness: Teach students the finer points of tuning into their environment, helping them avoid a potentially violent encounter.
    Commonly used cell phone safety features and apps that can be used to keep agents safe.
    Legal use-of-force: What criteria must be met before an agent can use reasonable or deadly force – and the consequences that might follow.
    Defensive Options: Armed, unarmed, and less lethal.
    Agents, use this opportunity to become better protected and prepared today!

  • If you don’t see any schedule of classes here and you want to request a class then please call this number: (443) 702-7891
  • In order to ensure you get the best training possible, we adhere to a simple cancellation policy. If you cannot attend a scheduled paid class, please give us the courtesy of 24 hours notice. Thank you. 
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Maryland Real Estate Agent Safety Course – Online Only

Maryland Real Estate Agent Safety Course – Online Only

Maryland Real Estate Agent Safety Course – Online Only

Description: Welcome to the premier online Real Estate Agent Safety course designed exclusively for Maryland real estate professionals. Our comprehensive program equips you with the knowledge and tools to prioritize safety in your real estate career, ensuring your well-being and success in the Maryland market. Course Highlights: Maryland-Focused Expertise: Tailored specifically for real estate agents operating in the state of Maryland, our course addresses safety concerns unique to the region. Online Convenience: Access our course from the comfort of your home or office, allowing you to learn at your own pace and on your schedule. In-Depth Curriculum: Dive into a comprehensive curriculum covering essential safety strategies, including risk assessment, personal safety, property safety, and more. Local Laws and Regulations: Gain insights into Maryland’s specific real estate safety laws and regulations, ensuring compliance in every transaction. Practical Scenarios: Explore real-world scenarios and case studies, empowering you with the skills to assess and mitigate potential risks in your daily operations. Self-Assessment Tools: Evaluate your safety knowledge and track your progress through quizzes and interactive assessments. Industry Experts: Learn from experienced real estate professionals who understand the unique safety challenges faced by Maryland agents. Certification: Receive a Maryland Real Estate Agent Safety Certificate upon successful completion of the course, demonstrating your commitment to safety to clients and colleagues. Local Networking: Connect with fellow Maryland real estate agents and build a supportive safety-focused community. Continuing Education Credits: Earn continuing education credits to maintain your Maryland real estate license while enhancing your safety knowledge. Prioritize your safety and the safety of your clients in the Maryland real estate market by enrolling in our online Real Estate Agent Safety course today. Be well-prepared, well-informed, and well-protected in every aspect of your real estate career. Sign up now to secure your spot in this essential Maryland-focused safety program. Home Weapons training

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