Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM)

Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM)

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$150 Per Seat

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Why use Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) to supplement firearms training?

Police, military, security personnel, and even civilians often use simulated Ammunition during training scenarios in high-threat situations. The private security industry is steadily growing, putting more personnel on the street that have not been formally trained to handle armed conflict. We are training them in self-defense all the way to an armed conflict. UTM training offers the ability for armed personnel to receive the same type of scenario-based training as military or law enforcement.

Scenario Based Training

Using UTM in scenario training requires students to make decisions in more stressful and environmental distractions. Three-dimensional targets (persons) that can conceal a weapon or create distractions make you take extra time to decide whether to shoot or not shoot. Shooting positions can change, backdrops can change, target shapes can change, etc.


UTM Round velocity is 375 fps, 25% faster than a paintball, which can be painful when not wearing proper protective gear. We suggest you wear PPE and at least two layers of clothing UTM training can instill a general sense of fear Just like in our air-soft area. You cannot be seriously wounded by UTM rounds while wearing proper PPE. It becomes a bit scarier to know that someone is shooting at you, and you can be hurt. With this fear, training inadequacies become accentuated, allowing students to learn how to not expose themselves more than they should and place more accurate shots on the target when in a hostile shooting scenario. Training for indoor scenarios is easy, deficiencies can be easily seen, and proper training is applied. UTM exposes poor shooting fundamentals during the scenarios because most shooters get frightened and tense when confronted with an enemy. Using UTM, students can work through this fear and become better marksmen with general training.

UTM Firearms

The UTM systems are available for anyone that wants more training with real firearms. While in training, the students can use the same style of pistol for UTM training as when shooting on a live fire range. UTM eliminates that by allowing the user to utilize his/her firearm, with specific attachments, to take part in force-on-force scenarios. Malfunctions happen, and most shooters experience numerous malfunctions. Correcting them becomes a life-learning firearm training experience and a life-saving measure in a real gunfight. Using UTM and force-on-force scenarios directly shows students who have a malfunction, staged or otherwise, how important it is to have a working knowledge of how to correct malfunctions with a firearm in a live situation. When this can be done with the same firearm an executive protection agent carries on duty, once again, it limits the time needed to familiarize the agent with his/her weapon when it is time to shoot live ammunition.

Class 2 + hours 

Cost $150.

Need to wear two layers of clothing. Bring water and a fun attitude 

We provide the PPE/ammo ( everything else )

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Saturday, August 19, 2023

8:30 AM


  • Please call (443) 702-7891 for more information
  • In order to ensure you get the best training possible, we adhere to a simple cancellation policy. If you cannot attend a scheduled paid class, please give us the courtesy of 24 hours notice. Thank you. 
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