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Security Training Academy is your resource for high-quality security training classes taught by experienced professionals. We offer a broad range of classes including firearms certifications, life saving courses and security training classes. Whether you’re a professional looking to refresh your skills or a babysitter looking for life saving training, we are here to help.
While we are located in Maryland, our classes include multi-state pistol certification to meet your needs. Our life saving courses include American Heart Association CPR and AED courses, so you can utilize the certification you need for your employment or babysitting jobs.


We offer a full spectrum of security and life saving training services for individuals and companies. If you don’t see what you are looking for listed below, contact us to learn more. 

Firearms Certifications

If you want to carry a concealed weapon in Maryland or receive your multi-state pistol certification, we have a class for you. Additionally, we also offer taser class. These self-defense tools are now legal in all jurisdictions in Maryland, and we can 

Life Saving Courses

Are you prepared to save a life in the event of an emergency? Our life saving courses can equip you with the knowledge needed to step in when the worst happens and potentially change someone’s life forever. We provide a full suite of life saving courses including American Heart Association CPR and AED courses, so you can use your certification for employment or babysitting. 

Security Training Classes

When it comes to protecting your property, your business and yourself, you need quality training. Our security classes abide by all Maryland and federal regulations and provide you with the experience and training necessary to receive things like your concealed carry permit and handgun qualification license. We also offer combination classes at a discount, like our handcuffing, baton and PATH class. 

Important to Note:

Drone Services 

One of our newest services is drone services, where a law enforcement agency or private citizen can take advantage of our drone services to survey property, find a suspect or complete other tasks. We have skilled drone operators and cutting edge drones available to meet your needs.

Armed Security Guard Services

Outside of the classroom, we also offer professional security services for your events, store or executive protection needs. To learn more about our security services offered by off-duty police officers and professionals, visit Police Protection Services, LLC here.

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