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Earlier this year the Maryland legislature passed a law requiring mandatory training for both the initial and renewal of a Special Police Officer Commission. Applicants now must attend and pass an 80-hour training course before they can receive their commission. Special officers that are currently certified or certified within the last five years do not need this training until they renew their license.

Special Police Officer Training Guidelines

Security Training Academy is one of the only companies in Maryland that currently offer this specialized training. Our course is approved by the Secretary of the Maryland State Police and the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission.

The Different Courses We Offer

We offer In-Service Special Police Training and Basic Special Police Training. These classes can be taken both online or in-person, although there are parts that must be done in person. These classes are important as Special Police Officers must be able to handle the challenges traditional police officers face. Special Police Officers are limited to the area they protect โ€“ they are typically people that want to protect their property or work for a company and need to protect that area.

About Our Courses

The In-Service Special Police Training course requires the applicant to complete 12 hours of instruction. These topics include constitutional and Maryland law, the use of force, probable cause, first aid, report writing and interviewing, and crime prevention. The Basic Special Police Training course covers chain of custody, constitutional and criminal law, elements of a lawful arrest, de-escalation techniques, first aid, rules of arrest, active shooter and incident command, and report writing, among others. These classes are aimed to be comprehensive and offer Special Police Officers with all the tools they need to do their job as safely as possible while following all applicable state and federal laws.

Take Special Police Officer Training at Security Training Academy

Security Training Academy is your best resource for security training classes, lifesaving courses, firearms certifications, drone services, and armed security for hire. Our experienced professionals are here to help you complete the necessary training to become a Special Police Officer.

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