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At Security Training Academy, we offer high-quality security training classes for individuals and companies. Regardless of your area of training, all of our courses are taught by experienced professionals in the state of Maryland. Our broad selection of courses situates us to provide value to a variety of students with unique desires and goals. As such, we’d like to outline how we can serve you in this blog post.

Life Saving Certifications

We offer a full suite of life saving courses at STA. Whether you’re a first responder who needs mastery of life saving skills to meet employment qualifications or an occasional babysitter who wants to be prepared in case of emergency, we provide a hands-on approach to equip you with the skills needed to save a life. You never know when an immediate response will be needed, but you can have the peace of mind to know you’ll be prepared after training with STA.

Security Training

If you are looking to begin your career in Security, our suite of security classes will outfit you with the knowledge, licenses, and certifications to do just that. Our holistic approach is perfect for those with little experience and include key fundamentals like baton tactics and handcuffing methods. If the time has come for you to renew your security license, we can help there too!

Conversely, we also realize that many of the concepts in our security training courses can benefit the general public. Our Countering The Mass Shooter Threat and NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home are both great choices for those looking to gain actionable tips and experience protecting themselves from threats.

Firearms Certifications

The state of Maryland requires various permits and licenses for individuals seeking to purchase or carry firearms. Regardless of what your firearms goals are, STA can help! Our most popular firearms courses include Maryland HQL, CCW, and Florida CCW for those looking to legally carry concealed in many states throughout the country.  As a bonus, we can save you time and do all necessary fingerprinting onsite!

Special Police Training

Under new Maryland law, individuals seeking a new police license and those who have not been certified within the past five years must take an 80-hour, in-person course with content approved by the state. STA offers one course for new applicants to receive certification and three courses for current SPO holders to receive re-certification.

Throughout the course, we provide a deep dive into the following critical topics:

  • The elements of a lawful arrest
  • Preventative patrol methods
  • How to respond to a crime in progress
  • The process to obtain an arrest warrant
  • The structure of the Maryland court system

Gain Life Saving Skills and Security Licenses from Security Training Academy

Security Training Academy is your best resource for security training classes, life-saving courses, firearms certifications, drone services, Baltimore gun permit training and armed security for hire. Our experienced professionals are here to help whether you’re looking for a security guard to help at your retail store or seeking life-saving training.

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